Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's There, The Rainbow

A jaundiced life pulls you down
Aged rungs of a ladder...
The higher you climb
The harder you fall!

Disproving, opprobrious, cynical
and bitterness...
The decaying spirit
The more you chew
Rot, it intensifies!

Bigoted, blind, warped
and distorted...
Through these eyes
The unseeing, they stumble!

Stand erect and find solace,
Sunrise of a new day...
Your soul's harmony awaits
Seek and find the rainbow!!

Wilting, withering, discolor
and fading...
Once creation of a rose
the petals now are blighted!

Pursue, chase, look high
Look low...
Cheer the day you live
It's there, the rainbow!!

~..."It's There, The Rainbow"
© 2009
Hootin' Anni
written on the spur of the moment
6:15 A.M.
Saturday, March 7th, 2009

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Retired, living in the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico. -enjoying the sand and surf. I have these titles: daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother of two grandsons.

I enjoy music, movies, beach combing, pencil sketching, crocheting, and dabble in watercolor painting. My obsession: learning photography skills; birding along the Coastal Birding Trails in our area.

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