Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four Seasons©
by Hootin' Anni
December 2008

The beads of dew on a leaf'll trickle down
the green still unrelenting; constant and ceaseless
a fading winter rose drinks in heartily
and captures in itself life-giving liquor;
the seasons, all too brief...

On a cold December morn
there remains a glory of nature 'round me
In the gray misty sky hides the light of day.
Still, it shows the delicate balance
of life on a limb with the warm golden glow
of tawny saffron, among the saturated bough;
clinging to its soul for all eternity...

Each year, each season, flora's generation.
'Tis twenty years a progenitor of mankind.
I have lived fully
the twenty Springs,
the twenty Summers,
and the twenty Autumns...
As the winter solstice I enter.
As the saffron colored leaf clutching and remaining steadfast
I too, to the branch will cling
living in harmony; espirt to the end of my time.

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