Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wrote this yesterday after knowing that we were going to have a sunny day, while I stopped to watch the sun rise. Finally!!!!

What's this? What's this peeking through the tree?
Forever and a day it was hidden from me...
Weeks upon weeks Weeks upon weeks; times three!
A December day, this warm globe'll guarantee
I'll now be dancing in the streets with so much glee.
Today in my heart, there is ecstacy...
No grayness today, I'm shouting: "It's about time! Whoop-eeee!"

Sky of blue surrounds this sphere. Can you see?
It surprised us both this morn'; Bud and me!
Me thinks, no ...I know you all hafta agree...
This thing peeking through the tree?
It's given us bliss, the two of us decree.
What? You say it is blinding thee?

The sun, the sun, I foresee!!!
Yellow, and round, well I'll be!!...just, fiddle dee dee!
Fresh and so needed I bellow out, "GEE!"..
"Sun, stay around a while", I shouted my plea...
Today, this golden orb is shining down on me.

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