Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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[this was written in the hospital waiting room, on a magazine cover, during our grandson's open heart surgery - at 5 months of age. And the image above is my own graphic. The face in the clouds is actually Clint! Superimposed from a pencil sketch of mine of him.]

I think the sky ends in your heart
so you've captured mine.
With twilight's purples, pinks, and gold...
The knowledge now that which I cast
what tokens I hold.

As the sun, you're glowing, alive and fresh.
Stars, you sparkle and shine.
Like the moon, you're stately, powerful, bright.
Clouds, you're tender and fine.
Your dark storms' furies: Natural passion is God's will.

The mystical horizon, the inner light...our existences entwine.
I think the sky ends in your heart Clint,
And so, you've captured mine.


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