Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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As I sit here now,
as I try to penetrate my thoughts...
mouthing the words, I listen.

* * *

I heard a melody today...
reminded me of you.
Of how our life used to be...
oh so long ago,
Lyrics echoing in my memory.

I carry on with my chores, very routine...
I could do them without sight, as we say...
I could do it blind.
Still, the tune lingers, it remains.
...Running endlessly through my mind.

At midday, upon my lashes,
the sun's rays arrest the falling tears.
As they glide from my flesh to the ground,
within each tear, within those droplets...
a kaleidoscopic rainbow appears.

When evening becomes the end of day,
I'm bathed in melancholy and dreams.
And in my dreams, yes dreams....
resounding through my slumber,
those lyrics, those memories
refuse to subside. Or, at least, so it seems.

As I lie here now in this reverie,
I listen and I watch.
I see you. I hear you.
As I search through my inner self...
mouthing the words, witnessing my thought,
the music persists ....
I ponder what eventide brought.

* * *
Morning comes. Yet,
yesterday...I heard a melody.
Reminded me of you.
The tune, everlasting, endures.
Endures, just as my memory.
In my heart, you'll always remain.
Deep within, as only love can be.


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