Sunday, November 11, 2007

Most times in my life I try to make things/moments that are handed to me laughable and cheerful. But, there is another side to me that can come out of nowhere. Like today---

[7 -5- 7]

Crimson with Amber & Gold
Calm silence broken
The brilliance, of a new day.
© 2008 - Hootin' Anni

- - -

A lone whistle peals through
Brume of gray wisps dwell
The crack of waves resounding.
© 2008 - Hootin' Anni

- - -

Lurching, hissing with the whiff
The wind shrieks my name
Forest rustles in the wind.
© 2008 - Hootin' Anni

- - -

Simple, complex, nature's art
A lacework of silk
Original internet!
© 2008 Hootin' Anni

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Retired, living in the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico. -enjoying the sand and surf. I have these titles: daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother of two grandsons.

I enjoy music, movies, beach combing, pencil sketching, crocheting, and dabble in watercolor painting. My obsession: learning photography skills; birding along the Coastal Birding Trails in our area.

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