Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If we had a chance to spread our wings flying, gliding, soaring with an eagle
would we see all the glory it brings the glory of so many things so regal?
I walk along; inhaling, suffocating in icy air. At my feet the commotion of surf's foaming, the morn's filled with unruliness; unrest.
Poised on the shore, seeing the vision so clear do I?
Glancing to the horizon, it did appear...
Like a white hot stream beckoning; peeking
from the far distance of another world; reaching---
The frost no longer lingers within my soul before me;
evil of the sea's turbulence forced away.
A vision so clear -
The warmth and comfort of the solitary ray!!

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Retired, living in the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico. -enjoying the sand and surf. I have these titles: daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother of two grandsons.

I enjoy music, movies, beach combing, pencil sketching, crocheting, and dabble in watercolor painting. My obsession: learning photography skills; birding along the Coastal Birding Trails in our area.

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