Friday, January 7, 2011


An azure eclipse of mystery your eyes are.
Shrouded and alien with a hidden secret
Indigo twilight on a cold wintry landscape
Dazzling my every footpath of life with
the sparkle, the glow of a far away, distant star

Outwardly, a wild and untamed sky
your gazing orbs become celestial spheres
encircling my being like heaven on earth...
dancing with moon beams and starshine
rarely a ray of sunshine they imply

Inwardly, pools of the deep ocean's spray...
witness I, ignition of Spring's rebirth of iris blue
with exception; the virulence of a summer storm
the clarity of an Autumn morn
the winter's stark coldness that captures my heart...
enigmas of my mind and soul, yet
only to take my breath away...

An azure eclipse of mystery your eyes are.
The glow of a far, distant, silent reverie ... a star!

Eclipse of Darkness©
Copyrighted by
Hootin' Anni
I wrote this in the courtroom yesterday out of boredom. LOL
photo monochrome
with color enhancement
courtesy of Google images

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