Saturday, January 6, 2007

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The day is quickly coming to a close.
The weather is growing bleak.
Fog is rollin' in and blossoms doze...
The gulls no longer shriek.

'Tis time to snuggle up, warm and cozy inside.
Soon the playoff games for football's pro.
For Dallas Cowboys I've just no pride---
If Seahawks beat 'em, y'll hear me crow!!!

The gulls are still and quiet.
"What Can Brown do for you this week?"
If Seattle wins, there'll be a riot--
Then the Seahawk fans can shriek!!!

© 2007
Hootin' Anni
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Note: Before each Seahawks game there is witnessed, the raising of "The 12th Man" flag. Being that it's a national registered trademark for Texas Aggies (Austin, Texas) - a dispute was heard and agreement was settled that Seattle can continue to use the slogan and pay license fees to Texas A&M.

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quote from site: Under the agreement, the university has granted the NFL team a license to use the 12th Man trademark in a seven-state area in the northwest that encompasses the current primary broadcast area of the Seahawks. As is the case of all licensees, the Seattle Seahawks will pay the university a licensing fee and will state publicly that Texas A&M owns the 12th Man trademark each time it is used.

Saturday evening's game - Seahawks win by a Dallas botched field goal attempt.

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