Saturday, October 16, 2010

It came to me
Recalling my first day for school...
Aged five, my mommy I did miss.
At noon, carrying my brown paper bag,
Walking into a room filled with noise 'n' chatter,
I pulled out a sandwich & apple.
Attached, was a note...
"Remember I love you",
Among the noise; the clatter,
I felt bliss.


...Time passes so fast.
still ev'ry now and then
a memory arises for just a fleeting moment.
A memory, long faded by years...
Like torn and tattered pages of my life's book.
For that fleeting moment I smile!
Quickly opens the flood waters; in the past I look...

Mom, my day is washed with tears.

copyrighted poem

by Hootin' Ann
October 2010

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